has Collections of Catholic Records has several collections of Roman Catholic records. They add new collections when they can, and they update them when they obtain additional records. Here is a quick look at some of the collections that may be useful for genealogists who have Catholic ancestors.

Colorado, Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs Sacramental Records, 1800-1967 added this collection on March 15, 2018. This collection contains sacramental records from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Colorado Springs from the years 1800 to 1967. Indexes have been provided for Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages, and burials.

Massachusetts, Boston Archdiocese Roman Catholic Sacramental Records, 1789-1900

This collection includes an index to the Catholic sacramental records collected by the Boston Archdiocese. The Boston Archdiocese, erected in 1808, is currently comprised of the Counties of Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Plymouth in Massachusetts, but historically included the states of Connecticut, Maine, all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

An index (located on the American Ancestors website) includes records of Marriage, Baptism, Confirmation, birth, burial death, Eucharist, church admission, Ordination, Intention, and Reconciliation.

Ireland, Select Catholic Marriage Registers, 1775-1942

This collection includes Catholic marriage registers from 62 parishes in Ireland, with dates ranging from 1775 to 1942 (noninclusive; coverage will vary by parish).

Although the Church of Ireland was the established state church from 1536-1870, Ireland’s population remained overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. According to the 1861 census, almost 78 percent of the population was Catholic; by 1891, this had risen to 89 percent. This fact makes Catholic parish registers, where available, particularly valuable sources for Irish family history, both before and after civil registration began in 1864.

Ireland, Select Catholic Birth and Baptism Registers, 1763-1917

This collection includes Catholic baptismal registers from 73 parishes in Ireland, with dates ranging from 1763 to 1912 (noninclusive; coverage will vary by parish). Children were typically baptized soon after they were born. has a long list on the page about this collection that has the names of the parishes that are included in this collection.

Ireland, Select Catholic Death and Burial Registers, 1767-1992

This collection includes Catholic death and burial registers from 19 parishes in Ireland, with dates ranging from 1767-1992 (noninclusive; coverage will vary by parish). has included a list of the names of the parishes whose records are part of this collection.

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