Opened New Headquarters in Utah Opens New Headquarters in Utah  Find more genealogy blogs at has been in the process of building a new company headquarters since 2015. Typically, when a company says it will move its headquarters, it means it is leaving one state for another (or moving out of the United States entirely)., however, is staying in the same state. Their new headquarters has opened. is one of the biggest names in genealogy and family history. Genealogists use their website to research their ancestors and to put together family trees. AncestryDNA sells DNA testing kits that can help people discover their ethnic mix, distant relatives, and new details about their family history. Over the years, it has offered a suite of family history brands, including,, and

In 2015, announced that it was going to build a new headquarters. The company has been headquartered in Provo, Utah, for the previous three decades. Over those decades, grew to more than 1,400 employees globally, with 1,000 employees based in Utah. This growth required a larger headquarters.

The new $35 million facility is located at The Corporate Center at Traverse Mountain in Lehi, Utah. It is located 25 minutes south of Salt Lake City. feels this will help the company to broaden its footprint in attracting and retaining top talent.

Pre-construction work on the new headquarters began in January of 2016. The facility is larger than what immediately needed, and there is room in the location for them to grow.

In late June of 2016, was able to open its new headquarters in Lehi, Utah, for the first time. The location will make it easier for to recruit new employees from both South Lake and Utah Counties.

CEO Ted Sullivan said that the addition of DNA testing tied to their database is driving growth. AncestryDNA says: “AncestryDNA is the leader in DNA testing for family history and includes more than 2 million people who have taken the AncestryDNA test as well as the ability to access Ancestry, the world’s largest family history resource, which includes millions of family trees and over 16 billion historical records.”

In addition, CEO Ted Sullivan also said that Utah is emerging as a tech hub, and that will be interested in hiring more technologists in Utah as the company grows.

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