Ancestry Described its Path Forward

It is not unheard of for companies to make changes in response to consumer demand. Ancestry described its path forward in regards to the DNA market. Making wise decisions is one of the things that has kept Ancestry in business for more than three decades.

In a blog post, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ancestry, Margo Georgiadis, wrote that DNA continues to be an important way for millions of people to start their family history journey. She pointed out that about 30 million people worldwide have already started a DNA journey, including over 16 million with Ancestry. She also stated:

“At the same time, over the last 18 months, we have seen a slowdown in consumer demand across the entire DNA category. The DNA market is at an inflection point now that most early adopters have entered the category. Future growth will require a continued focus on building consumer trust and innovative new offerings that deliver even greater value to people. Ancestry is well positioned to lead that innovation to inspire additional discoveries in both Family History and Health.”

As a result, Ancestry has had to make the tough decision of laying off 6% of its workforce. CNBC reported that approximately 100 people who worked for Ancestry were affected. Employees in both Ancestry’s Utah and California offices were affected.

There is still good news for Ancestry customers. Ancestry’s interest in Family History remains strong. They are committed to building a brand that consumers trust, and helping lead the industry with best-in-class data stewardship principles and a commitment to transparency. Ancestry is also interested in creating innovative new offerings that deliver greater value to people, and that will inspire additional discoveries in both Family History and Health.

For those who are interested, it is still possible to purchase a DNA kit from They offer AncestryDNA, which focuses on ethnicity and historical insights, and AncestryHealth, which includes everything in AncestryDNA plus health reports and access to genetic counseling.

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