Ancestry Helps Users Understand New Ethnicity Estimate

Ancestry posted a blog titled: “Understanding Your New Ethnicity Estimate”. The post includes information about how Ancestry users can better understand their new ethnicity estimate.

Ancestry announced in September of 2018 that they would deliver ethnicity estimates with increased precision to their customers. The ethnicity estimates involved a new algorithm that analyzes longer segments of genetic information, marking an important way that Ancestry interprets DNA data. 

It allowed Ancestry to break down geographic ethnicity estimates with greater specificity and give users a more detailed picture of their origins.

Now, Ancestry is providing details that can help users understand their new ethnicity estimate. Ancestry wrote: “We’re always looking for new ways to help support our customers on their journeys of personal discovery. Often that means updating our products and services to take advantage of the most advanced science and technology.”

The blog post also says: “We recognize that an individual’s personal sense of identity is very important and that any journey of personal discovery may take turns that are surprising or unexpected. However, it is important to keep in mind that your DNA doesn’t change, but the science and technology behind understanding it constantly evolves and we endeavor to ensure that this cutting-edge science is reflected in our offerings.”

In other words, it is possible that your ethnicity estimate may change from time to time, as the science and technology behind the scenes improves. This could mean that some of your ancestors locations were incorrectly identified. The new information provides a more correct interpretation.

Ancestry says that starting on May 30, 2019, all AncestryDNA customers will be transitioned to their new, more precise, ethnicity estimate. If you received your AncestryDNA results prior to September 2018 and wish to keep a record of your prior results, you may download them by July 20, 2019.

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