Ancestry Introduces We Remember has introduced a new website called We Remember. We Remember helps you celebrate your loved ones so that their story lives on. explains this new product this way: “With We Remember, you can quickly and easily create a free public memorial page for a loved one. Rather than being a research page, the We Remember page is designed to gather and showcase memories about your loved one. You can celebrate their life by bringing together those who knew them and collecting stories, and photos, to paint a rich picture of who they were.”

There are three main sections of a We Remember page:

Tribute – Shows their name, photo, and a headline about them and/or their obituary

Guestbook – Lists of all their loved ones who have signed the page, including how they are connected – family, friends, coworkers, schoolmates

Memories – Shows all the memories people have added. At launch this includes photos as well as stories, with or without photos. You can even post questions for the group.

Ancestry designed We Remember to work beautifully on your computer, your phone, or your tablet. You do not need to download an app in order to use We Remember. Just open your browser and go to the We Remember website.

Memories can be added to We Remember by an individual or a group – anyone who knew the person that the memorial is honoring. When We Remember first launched, it was possible for guests to add photos and write stories (with or without photos included). Ancestry plans to add audio and video options later.

It is possible to share We Remember memorial via email, on Facebook, or by copying the link and sharing it directly with friends and family.

Owners of a specific We Remember page can choose from multiple privacy options. The owner can choose to block any memories or guests that they feel the need to. Owners can also post questions for other guests to answer. The purpose is to prompt memories from guests. points out that you can create a We Remember page for free. The release of We Remember comes just in time for the holidays, and Ancestry notes that this is a good time to gather with family and friends and reminisce about loved ones.

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