Ancestry Introduces Your DNA Story

Ancestry has integrated more of your DNA test data into a single experience. This decision was made after they talked to customers about what they wanted from their AncestryDNA test results. The result is Your DNA Story.

Ancestry describes it this way: “Your DNA Story features a new way of displaying 150+ regions, a timeline of historical migrations, ancestors from your family tree, and an interactive map that lets you understand and explore your own story like never before.”

Your DNA Story includes your: Ethnicity Estimate, Migrations based on Genetic Communities, a Timeline, and a Map that shows you more of your story. Most, if not all, of these are things that AncestryDNA customers could previously access. It appears that Your DNA Story combines the information from those resources in a way that is intended to make it all much easier to understand and share.

The Ethnicity Estimate gives you a snapshot of places and populations that might have played a role in your past. The Ethnicity Estimate shows a list of regions of the world, and a list of migrations. The information you are shown comes from the data in your DNA.

Your Ethnicity Estimate will include specific areas of the world, followed by a percentage. The area with the highest percentage is at the top of the list, and a few more areas will be listed below it. In some cases, you will be shown a more specific area that your ancestors are estimated to have lived in. There will also be some locations that have a very low percentage. Those are listed as “Low Confidence Regions”.

In addition, your Ethnicity Estimate has a section called Migrations. It will show you a region of the United States where your ancestors migrated to. It also shows the countries (or regions) that your ancestors came from. Ancestry customers who have more than one migration or region can now see if and when they overlap with each other on the map.

The Map and the Timeline are combined in order to give you a clearer look at where your ancestors lived, when they migrated, and where they went. Ancestry says the timeline is not based on specific ancestors.

Instead, it is a shared history of large groups of people. Ancestry feels that it may still tell a story that your ancestors took part in. Check the Historical Insights feature for more context about what was happening in a specific region during a certain time frame.

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