Ancestry Launches AncestryDNA Traits

Ancestry announced the launch of something new – AncestryDNA Traits. It is a fun and innovative way for you to further explore who you are and where you come from.

AncestryDNA Traits is a new interactive experience that allows you to discover traits and attributes that are influenced by your DNA. You can explore up to 18 traits and attributes that you’ve inherited from your ancestors, share with family, and may pass down to future generations.

Powered by AncestryDNA, Traits gives you an even deeper look at your personal story though the “Around the World” interactive map. You can find out how your traits align with your heritage.

AncestryDNA Traits costs $9.99. The website says you can see your traits right away – no additional DNA test needed. This feature is for people who already are AncestryDNA customers.

The 18 traits are:

* Sweet Sensitivity
* Savory (Umami) Sensitivity
* Bitter Sensitivity
* Cilantro Aversion
* Asparagus Metabolite Detection
* Eye Color
* Male Hair Loss
* Hair Type
* Hair Color
* Hair Strand Thickness
* Iris Patterns
* Freckles
* Cleft Chin
* Unibrow
* Finger Length
* Skin Pigmentation
* Earlobe Shape
* Earwax Type

More traits may be available in the future at an additional cost.

Those who have the AncestryDNA Mobile app will be the first with access to Ancestry’s new Traits Compare feature. You can invite family members and other DNA matches who have purchased AncestryDNA Traits to compare – then see how they match (or miss) on the DNA behind specific traits. This type of comparison might be fun to do with a sibling or cousin.

It might be interesting to compare traits with family members over the holidays. The discussion could cause relatives who aren’t interested in genealogy to become interested in trying it. Your relatives might start a conversation about other relatives who had the same traits that you do.

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