Ancestry Launches Storymaker Studio

Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, announced the launch of Storymaker Studio, a new feature in the Ancestry app that easily allows users to create bite-sized stories from their family history and share them within the Ancestry community and on their personal social media channels. Now, with Storymaker Studio, it’s easier than ever to turn those stories, combined with personal family memories and heirlooms, into engaging, sharable content.

Storymaker Studio is a centralized, one-stop destination to curate facts, images, records and memories and tell the stories of your family history. With this new tool, members can upload and enhance photos and images, record and upload audio files (for the first time on Ancestry), integrate photos with audio, and publish their Ancestry Stories to their trees, on their personal social channels and within the Ancestry community. We all have a storyteller inside us but with Storymaker Studio, you can become the story maker for your family’s history.

“Historical records and family trees are the cornerstone of genealogy research, showing moments of times and the relationships between people in several generations of a family,” said Ancestry Corporate Genealogist Crista Cowan. “Yet all of us know they are so much more than that. They capture love stories, triumphs, struggles and bravery – the stories of our family and heritage. They are the blueprint of what makes us, us.”

To get started using Storymaker Studio, users can download or update the Ancestry mobile app and choose a story prompt. From there, they can easily add images, historical records and audio recordings to tell the story of their family and then publish to the Ancestry community, save to their tree, or share to their social media channels.

Storymaker Studio is currently free with the Ancestry mobile app. Check out the storymaker studio at and share your story on Ancestry and social media using #MyAncestryStory.

Explore Storymaker Studio

Bring your family discoveries to life with higher-quality images and, for the first time, sound. 

Enhance photos: Sharpen, crop, and add color to family photos. From new filters to photo scanning, Storymaker Studio puts visual storytelling in your hands.

Capture audio: Narrate family stories in your own words with up to 14 minutes of audio. Or add audio directly to images in your tree on Android (iOS coming soon).

Craft and share: Create an Ancestry Story based on a person, event, or topic. And publish! Sharing family recipes or a trailblazing ancestor just got easier.

How to create an Ancestry Story: 

Tap Add story and choose topic

Add a photo and follow the prompts

Hit done and publish!

The Ancestry app is available for download on the App Store, Google Play, and Use the Ancestry app for a seamless storytelling experience. Family history on the go!

About Ancestry

Ancestry, the global leader in family history, empowers journeys of personal discovery to enrich lives. With our unparalleled collection of more than 40 billion records, over 3 million subscribers and over 23 million people in our growing DNA network, customers can discover their family story and gain a new level of understanding about their lives. For over 40 years, we’ve built trusted relationships with millions of people who have chosen us as the platform for discovering, preserving and sharing the most important information about themselves and their families.

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