Ancestry Partners with The Home Edit for Meaningful Spring Cleaning

Ancestry, the leader in family history, has teamed up with The Home Edit to provide spring cleaning solutions to refresh the home and make the most of beloved heirlooms, family photos, historical documents and precious keepsakes.

In a year where families have spent unprecedented time at home, The Home Edit professionals Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer will document how to preserve treasured items by uploading images to Ancestry, giving families around the globe the opportunity to make discoveries and share stories for generations to come.

Professional organizers Clea and Joanna show how to organize your precious keepsakes so you can finally clean out that corner of boxes in the basement, and discuss the value of taking photos of these items and attaching to your family tree. Whether you’re using a computer or the Ancestry mobile app, which makes it easy to upload as you go using a smartphone or tablet, each member can decide if they want specific pieces of content to be private or made public so it can be shared publicly for your family across the globe to discover.

Some Spring Cleaning Tips from Clea and Joanna:

Edit Your Items: Start with those dusty boxes in the basement. Go through all of your sentimental items and create categories. This includes photo albums, tangible keepsakes, clothing, documents, etc.

From Out-of-Sight to Digitally Thriving: It’s really easy to lose or damage priceless family documents and keepsakes. By preserving them digitally, you can always go back and print a hard copy, but not the other way around. This is especially important for one-of-a-kind items, such as pages from a journal, handwritten letters, and family heirlooms.

Those who want to start their own spring cleaning project can visit Ancestry’s blog for a full “how to” guide on uploading memories, starting with creating an account on

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