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ancestry-progenealogists-can-help-you-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comHas your genealogy research come to a standstill after hitting a “brick wall”? You don’t have to work through this alone. Ancestry ProGenealogists can help you! They are kind enough to start you off with a free estimate.

Ancestry ProGenealogists is connected to The family history and genealogy experts at Ancestry ProGenealogists can help you to break down your “brick wall”. They are also able to provide assistance for adoptees who are searching for information about birth parents. In addition, they are able to help solve family mysteries.

Genealogists who are not struggling with their research can benefit from ProGenealogists as well. Have the experts at Ancestry ProGenealogists take a look at your research. They might be able to glean things from it that you missed!

The researchers at Ancestry ProGenealogists have spent years helping clients tackle difficult family history problems, find family members through DNA analysis, and trace their family trees. They use both online and offline resources to get the job done. No task is too large, or too small, for them to help with.

Genealogists who seek help from Ancestry ProGenealogists will be assigned a Research Team. Together, you and the team can choose specific goals to work on and create a research plan. Along the way, they will create a journal for you that describes where they searched and what they found – so that you will have a clear understanding of your research.

Your Account Manager will contact you from time to time with updates and will inform you when milestones have been met. Sometimes, research may not progress in a linear fashion, or might not go as planned. If that happens, your Account Manager will contact you to reassess your original goals. You and your Account Manager will work together to decide how to proceed.

The research done by the experts at Ancestry ProGenealogists is billed hourly and is conducted in a minimum of 20 hour blocks of time. This minimum time gives the researchers the ability to review any previous research, develop a research plan, identify and locate records, search for family or related persons, to write a detailed report, and to assemble documentation.

As an example, they point out that documenting one ancestral couple that was born after 1850 typically takes about 3 to 5 hours of research. As you go back in time, the number of hours of research required increases. Researching an ancestral couple born between 1780 and 1850 takes an average of 5 to 10 hours. Before 1780, you should plan on 10 hours or more.

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