Ancestry Surpasses 15 Million DNA Customers

Ancestry announced that 15 million customers have received AncestryDNA results. As the network of people who have taken an AncestryDNA test continues to grow, it makes Ancestry more able to deliver granular insights about heritage and compelling new paths to learn about ourselves through genetics.

Ancestry identified three areas which can be improved thanks to the growing AncestryDNA network. Those areas are: New Communities, Refined Ethnicity Insights, and even more Matches and Discoveries. Here are some things to know about each of them.

Ancestry scientists can refine and discover more about communities using Ancestry’s patented Genetic Communities technology – a proprietary technology that can connect people through their DNA to the places their ancestors lived and the paths they followed to get there over the past 75-300 years.

Ancestry recently released 94 new and updated AncestryDNA communities for customers of African American and Afro-Caribbean descent, with more communities launching soon.

Thanks to the largest consumer DNA network, Ancestry scientists are able to add additional samples to the Ancestry’s reference panel. This provides for more refined insights for AncestryDNA members about their genetically inherited ethnicity. AncestryDNA is preparing for another update which will include new ethnic regions and will provide many member with a more detailed view of their heritage.

The large AncestryDNA network increases the quality and quantity of discoveries that people can make using tools like DNA Matches and ThruLines. DNA Matches give a clear and simple view of how all matches are connected through a specific shared ancestor. ThruLines can show common ancestors that a member shares with their DNA Matches.

Now that the AncestryDNA network over 15 million members, each AncestryDNA customer recieves an average of 50,000 total matches – and that number grows by 2% to 5% each month as more people take an AncestryDNA test and join the network.

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