Ancestry Unveiled 75 New Communities

Ancestry is proud to unveil 75 new AncestryDNA communities to help members who have ties to Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and Africa. The addition of new communities allows Ancestry to better pinpoint where in the world your ancestors are from. This means there may be some changes to your results.

By leveraging their unparalleled DNA network of over 16 million people, the largest network of public family trees, and their patented Genetic Communities technology, AncestryDNA can identify groups of people with shared DNA and determine where their ancestors likely previously lived.

Ancestry added 75 new communities, including 25 new Mexican communities, 20 South American, 10 Central American, 12 Caribbean, 7 Southern European and 1 African. Members may see an update in their results if they have ties to the areas below:

Venezuela, Spain, France & Basque Country, Morocco, Algeria, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Belize, Dominican, Republic, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, and Southern, Central, and Northeast Mexico, and Southeast Texas.

Whether its learning your ancestors can be traced back to the diverse cultures of Venezuela, or uncovering your roots in central and eastern Mexico, your next big discovery could be waiting in Ancestry’s latest communities update.

In addition to communities, AncestryDNA has also updated its ethnicity estimate reference panel so customers will now have the ability to see a possible genetic connection with the indigenous communities of Australia.

Ancestry encourages you to view your DNA story again to see if you have a new community waiting to be explored and shared with your family and other loved ones. As new people continue to join the AncestryDNA network and science and technology continue to evolve, Ancestry will continue to provide updates for their members. It’s just one of many ways Ancestry provides for you to learn more about yourself.

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