Ancestry will Discontinue AncestryHealth

For more than 30 years, Ancestry has provided a platform for people to discover, preserve and share the most important information about themselves and their families. As we enter 2021, more people around the world are embracing Family History to bring their families closer together and build more meaningful connections.

In 2021, Ancestry has decided to deepen their focus on Family History, accelerating their ability to fulfill their mission to empower journeys of personal discovery and to enrich the lives of those who they serve. This includes AncestryDNA, which remains an important part of Ancestry’s Family History success.

After a carefully considered decision, Ancestry decided to discontinue AncestryHealth. It was launched in 2019, when Ancestry’s vision was to empower people to take action to address potential health risks identified in their genes and family history.

If you are already an AncestryHealth customer, you can still access your health reports through July 2021. After that time, you’ll continue to have access to your origins and ethnicity, DNA matches, and traits.

Customers who have not activated their kits will have until February 15, 2021, to activate. Ancestry must receive your sample by February 28, 2021, to process your health data. You’ll receive your reports as soon as possible and have access to AncestryHealth through July 2021. After that, you’ll continue to have access to your origins and ethnicity, DNA matches, and traits.

Customers who don’t activate their kits by February 15, 2021, can use their kit to get AncestryDNA, which includes origins and ethnicity, DNA matches, and traits. You will not receive any AncestryHealth reports, but Ancestry will automatically refund a portion of your purchase price to your original payment method.

If you gave AncestryHealth as a gift, your family member or friend will have to follow the same guidelines. Ancestry will not be able to communicate to them personally, so they encourage yo uto share this information.

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