AncestryDNA Introduces Genetic Communities

AncestryDNA announced the rollout of Genetic Communities. It is currently in beta. This new experience will give you a more detailed connection to people, places, cultures, and stories that led to you.

Genetic Communities is based on innovative new analysis techniques that were developed by Ancestry’s science team. It combines insights from Ancestry’s DNA network with their massive collection of family trees. This new approach was made possible thanks to over one million AncestryDNA members who participated in Ancestry’s scientific studies.

Ancestry has identified over 300 Genetic Communities (that are located all around the world). They will compare your DNA to all of the available Genetic Communities and identify one or more communities that you have a connection to in your DNA profile. The Genetic Communities are often more specific than what’s possible to discover with an ethnicity estimate.

Ancestry feels that it is just scratching the surface of advancements in science and technology that will translate into faster, more insightful discoveries about who we are and where we come from. It appears that they are interested in using science and technology to discover more about genetics and genealogy.

People who are considering purchasing the AncestryDNA test will get access to the new Genetic Communities feature. Those who are existing AncestryDNA customers will also get access to the beta experience of Genetic Communities for free in their results.

Most users will get at least one Genetic Community. Not everyone will get one immediately at launch. Ancestry says that the great thing about the new Genetic Community feature is that the more people participate, the more Genetic Communities Ancestry will be able to discover. As Ancestry’s DNA network grows, so will the number of Genetic Communities.

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