Any Ancestors Who Were Prisoners? Part Two

PrisonTo assist in finding an elusive ancestor the following is a listing of some states with the prisoner information online.
Checking out some names just might answer some questions.

The prisoners in the state prisons in Michigan from 1847 to 1885 who were sentenced to life. Their name and the county where the crime was committed is provided. Clicking on an individual name gives details of the years, age and what happened to the prisoner, such as when they died in prison.

The state prisoners in Nevada from 1863 to 1972. Their name, inmate number and date they entered prison are listed.

The state penitentiary in Columbus has the listing of inmates from 1834 to 1875. The names, ages, birthplace, occupation, physical description, the crime, date entered and sentence are listed. The state penitentiary in Lawrence County, Ohio has a listing covering 1829 to 1883. In Lawrence County, Ohio the names, the crime and the date sentenced are given.

A listing of the executions from 1841 to 1966, some 132 people in Oklahoma. Their name, age, occupation, crime and how they were executed are recorded.

The prisoners of the Tennessee State Penitentiary from 1831 to 1850 are furnished. Names are indexed for easy searching. The prisoner’s name, the crime, the county where it occurred and their age are given. For the time of 1851 to 1870, the listing is separate for Tennessee.

The names of inmates on Texas death row from 1923 to 1973 are searchable. The prison number, name, race, and the county where the crime occurred are listed.

In Floyd County, Virginia a listing of convicted people from 1871 to 1943 is supplied. The listing is in alphabetical order, providing their name, race, physical description, where they were born, occupation, what they were convicted of, the date and their prison number. All types of crimes, from breaking into a house, to murder, forgery, stealing an auto, assault, horse stealing to manslaughter.

Those inmates serving life sentences from 1854 to 1870 and beyond are on the Wisconsin list. Personal information, the conviction date, religion, whether they can read or not and martial status are presented.

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