Any Celebrities in the Family Tree?

Celebrity Family TreePart of the fun of genealogy is the possibility, remote as it may be, to locate a celebrity, a well-known person, a historical figure or even royalty in one’s family tree. It is not until one does a descent search can hope to locate an famous ancestor.

There are several online sources to begin such a search. In the site, they have a celebrity search section. The celebrities profiled are divided into categories of sports, royalty, entertainers and historical figures. There is a long list of individuals and their family trees already prepared. Some of the names include; Bette Midler, Don Knotts, Clara Barton, Patrick Henry, Thomas Edison, President Harry Truman, Laura Bush, Catherine the Great, Donald Trump and Clark Gable. Even if you find you are not related, it is interesting to see their family tree.

An interesting search is placing an ancestral hometown and seeing what famous families trees tie-in to that place. For example placing the city of Miami, Florida shows the son of Ernest Hemingway, Gregory H. Hemingway studied medicine at the University of Miami and lived in Miami for a number of years.

Another web site on Rootsweb ‘Celebrity Genealogy’ has trees for several well-known individuals; whether they were authors, musicians, actors, gangsters or statesmen, there is a nice selection of names. At the site you can go down the full listing and then click on any which might hold a possible link. Actor Bill Bixby’s family is traced back to the 5th generation with family originally from England and Nova Scotia, Canada.

So check your lineage, know your own family background and then investigate the lineage of the illustrious, fame and well-known. You just never know who you might fine.

< Return To Blog I am looking for Silas J Adams b:1862 in Alabama d:? married Ida May Hayes/Haynes 1886. It was reported by a family memeber that this line goes back to John Adams and Sam Adams. Can you help?
Danna Robins 15/02/11

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