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were-related-smart-phoneJust for FUN … has an APP out titled ‘We’re Related‘ that attempts to see you might be related to that is famous or a celebrity. There is no truly hard documentation, but rather the ‘We’re Related’ analysis is a fun way to share your findings with friends and family, but not proof that you’ve got celebrity blood. Its findings could serve as hints or topics for further research.

So you download this ‘We’re Related‘ APP from the US App store (Google Play or Apple App Store), then sign in with your Facebook account. Reminder – this App works with your smart phones, IPhone and some tablets rather than a desktop or laptop computer. You also do not need an account, just Facebook.

were-relatedThe search goes through the thousands of public family trees, having you then select a family tree and you identify yourself there. An analysis is run producing Insights, or individuals the app has flagged as being possible relatives based on your place in the family tree you selected.

The Insights icon is on the lower left corner, you tap that open to view any matches. There might not be any or could be a few or multiple names and matches. Any shown, click on the ‘tree’ icon to view how you might be related, such as 3rd cousin on your mother’s side.

The ‘We’re Related‘ APP will try to locate a common ancestor you and the famous individual share. It might be a 5th great grandfather, etc. Again, this is just really a fun activity to do, and you would have to do some real genealogical research to prove for sure, but it just might turn out to be correct. Invite some friends who have a family tree started and see what can be located. Again an interesting and amazing activity to spark people’s interest in their family.  were-related-a

Photos: Smart Phone, ‘We’re Related’ site and a couple trying the App.

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Good luck on researching.
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I want to know if I have someone famous in my family.
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