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One area of research often overlooked when doing family history is what is held by the many universities and colleges across the nation. Many times it is documents, records, books and other information donated to a school from families. It may not even have been a school the ancestor attend or lived nearby. Materials can be donated to any university.

Using the Archive Grid, do a search in the box in the upper right corner of the online site. The search is free. Place a hometown, a surname or if an ancestor had an unusual given and last name place the full name, using quote marks around the words or a phrase.

Materials located can range from donated letters, records, photos, pages of records from a family Bible, transcribed oral histories, or documents. Anything located will have its own requirements of what is already digital and what has to be ordered from a university. BUT it does provide you with the source name, category and where it is located. The Archive Grid will also bring up drawings and documents housed in the National Archive.

It will take some work, but you never know what new and interesting bit of information you might come across.

Photos: Drawing of 1863 Gettysburg battle between Alfred R. Waud and Joseph B. Kershaw; and a portrait of Major General Joseph B. Kershaw.

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