Art Nouveau for Your Ancestors

A special unique style very popular at the beginning the 20th century (from 1890 to 1915) was known as ‘Art Nouveau’. Many things were created in this style and you just might have some that your ancestors possessed and you never knew what a great style piece you might have inherited.

There were great works of art, furniture styles and very popular was jewelry. Many jewelers began to think of themselves using this style as artists and designers. The ladies loved the designs with vines, butterflies, leaves, mermaids, birds and many whimsical items. Enameling was great to use in the jewelry, making the pieces as if it was stained glass. Art Nouveau jewelry was very popular as brooches, pendants and earrings along with cuff links and tie pins for men.

The designers for furniture thought of the Art Nouveau furniture as ‘new art for a new age’ with its curving lines merging nature, design and craftsmanship. Many curved shapes appear in Art Nouveau furniture. Look especially for leaves, flowers, butterflies and swirls in the furniture.

Not just furniture but even buildings and homes had the Art Nouveau style. Might in in an entrance way, the front door or the whole structure.

Many of the graphic designs in the Art Nouveau styles were used in framed art work, posters, advertisement, and magazine covers. These art styles really focused on lovely ladies with flowing hair and dresses surrounded by flowers and curved designs.

Now got back at some of the family artifacts and photos from the 1890s to just before 1920s and see if you see this style used by your ancestors.

Photo: Classic art Nouveau styles done as art work.

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