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One of the standards for amassing all the available genealogical resources and making it accessible to everyone for years has been Cyndi Ingle Howells with her ‘Cyndi’s List’. Her next step was to assemble the many family history / genealogical articles, stories and blogs that are created everyday.  She has put them in one place online with her new ‘The Cyndi’s List Daily’, which began in 2011.

She has arranged the articles into topics.  They run from Headlines, Leisure, Education, Society, Stories, Technology, Health, #Genealogy and #Family History.  Each topic ties in somehow to family and genealogy research.  Some are very informative and others very cute and funny.

To see that you don’t miss any daily issue of what is happening in the genealogical world, you can subscribe to ‘The Cyndi’s List Daily’.  Just sign with which email address you want the issues sent to you and everyday a new release arrives.

Since the whole world is the source for these articles, Cyndi can pick the best of the best. Some of the subjects covered in one issue included about genealogical conferences in the coming months, review of the Legacy Family Tree software, unusual headstones located, DNA testing, examining old sepia photos to an updated collection of newspapers in Australia now digitized. So there is wide variety of interest for any family history researcher.

If you miss an issue or want to read over some of the earlier issues Cyndi has put together, she has them available in her ‘Archives’ at the top of the page.

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< Return To Blog Looking forward to reading the Cyndi's List Daily. Thank you!
Maria M. Villarreal 7/02/12

I have ancestors on both sides of the family that Fought at the Battle of San Jacinto TEXAS Independence their names are on the Wall inside of the theatre myDads side was located and traced to My time or lineage THE One on my Mothers side like Disappered completely Yet We know that He was the Father to her Grandmother on Her Dads side The Ancestor on MY Dads Side of the Family was Nichols S. Crunk The Ancetor on my Mothers side of the Faimly was Abram Lewis they have it listed as Abraham Lewis at the Monument can You help locate Him and where He maybe was buried Thank You ! W.C.PRELL
William C. Bill PRELL 7/02/12

he was born in washington county nc
mary hogrefe 7/02/12

I am interested to see if you have anything on my lines. Thank You
Loraine Searle 7/02/12

This is a great site! Definately in my bookmarks.I haven\'t had the time to read thurogh this yet but are you a descendant of Anne Hutchinson? I loved that picture you posted showing some of her descendants. She was my 11th GGrandmother.
Julia 7/02/12

my grate grand fother on my mothers side mother lied when he inlisted and said that he had been born at home but they did not know she was beron she just came home from dales whith a baby boy still with the umbilacall cord on him his adopted name is clyde james perkins my grate grate grand mother nerver told who was his rilel mother she died be for she could at 70 or 80 some thing
christina 7/02/12

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