Aunt & Uncle Day

On July 26th is National Aunt and Uncle Day. What a good time to honor and take the time to learn more about your own aunt and uncle, no matter what age they are. A reminder, an aunt is the sister to your own mother or father and an uncle is the brother to you father. If you have a great aunt or great uncle – they would be the siblings to your grandparents. They all share common ancestors and heritage.

Make a point to call or if possible visit with an aunt or uncle on the special July 26th day. Ask about their life over the years, their occupations and achievements. There just might be something new to learn. This is more important if you have a great aunt or great uncle, another generation back in time.  

If your aunts and uncles have passed away, you can still do special family history research on them individually. Do check with your cousins, they are the children of the aunts and uncles.

If you are not able to do something special on July 26th, do contact the aunt or uncle and make arrangements for a different day to get together and don’t miss the opportunity.  

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