Beauty Myths

Our female ancestors had many routines as far as their beauty and upkeep they followed. You might remember your mother or grandmother doing some of these beauty tips.

Brushing your hair before bedtime at least 100 times for shiny and healthy hair. As it turns out ladies do not need to brush their hair that much, especially if they have curly or textured hair which can cause damage. Too much brushing can also stress your hair and cause breakage.

It was believed that if a lady crossed her legs quite often it would give them varicose veins. No, not the reason rather it is genetics. You can inherit that or if you stand for long periods of time, that strains the vascular system causing the veins then.

Ladies were told to use silk or satin pillowcases for sleeping to avoid getting facial wrinkles. Using the slippery fabric would not pull the delicate skin of the face. Instead, wrinkles are more due to age and sun exposure.

Drinking enough water daily will prevent dry skin. The extra water does not change the skin’s driest but rather using a moisturizer helps.

The brief of rinsing your hair after shampooing with cold water made it shinier and softer. No, it does not. Over-washing the hair is not the best and don’t use very hot water to rinse, it irritates the scalp.

So here were the traditional beauty tips used at one time.

Photo: Vintage hair brushing.

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