Before You Reach Out to Your Genetic Relatives...

MyHeritage sells a DNA testing kit that consumers can take if they want to learn more about their genetics. Those who take the test will be notified if a DNA Match exists. DNA Matches is a feature that uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Before you rush into reaching out to your genetic relatives, there are some things you should consider.

There are many reasons why a person will choose to take a DNA test. Some people simply want to know whether or not they have Irish heritage. Others might hope that they will discover that their DNA connects them to royal relatives.

There also are people who take a DNA test specifically for the purpose of making it easier for them to connect with long, lost, genetic relatives. For example, a person who was adopted might be searching for their birth parents. Or, a person whose child had been adopted by someone else might be looking for that child.

The thing to keep in mind is that you cannot know, for certain, the reason why your relative decided to take a DNA test in the first place. Richard Hill, a DNA testing advisor, blogger, author and presenter, wrote an informative piece on the MyHeritage blog. In it, he points out some of the emotions that DNA testing results can bring up for some relatives.

You, personally, might have done as much research and reading as possible before selecting which company to buy a DNA test from. However, your relatives might not have done the research you have. They might not realize that taking that DNA test could connect them with other relatives. If you rush into reaching out your genetic relatives – you might end up shocking them!

An adoptee might have birth parents who got married to each other, and had other kids. They told those kids about their sibling, and hoped to reunite with the adopted child someday. Other adoptees might not be so lucky. Some people don’t talk about children whom they gave up for adoption. These birth parents may feel ashamed and are hoping no one finds out.

Adoptees may have their own emotions to cope with. Some may feel that reaching out to their birth parents will be disrespectful to their adopted parents. Or, they might feel anger about the parent who didn’t keep them.

Overall, its best to take things slow. If you get a DNA Match, and want to contact that relative, start by simply stating that you and the relative might be related. Keep it short and sweet. If that relative wants to know more, they will be able to contact you.

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