Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015

Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comEvery year, Family Tree Magazine sifts through the internet and selects the very best genealogy resources it finds. This list is then shared with readers who might be looking for some new and interesting genealogy blogs to enjoy. This year, some of the selections are more than blogs!

The Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 list was released on Family Tree Magazine in July of 2015. Last year, they offered up a vast selection of the 101 best genealogy websites of 2014. The year before that, they created a list of the The Top 40 Genealogy Blogs of 2013.

It makes sense that they have included genealogy websites that are much more than just a blog on the 2015 list. There was a time when blogging included a page full of words and perhaps a photo or image at the top. At best, there would be links to where they found the information they blogged about.

Today, blogging has become much more interactive. People include videos (sometimes the video is one they created). There are blogs that are considered to be show notes for individual podcast episodes. People embed tweets from Twitter, photos and short videos from Instagram, and include links to posts on Tumblr. Some blogs, of course, are still carrying on with the traditional style.

One of the items on Family Tree Magazine’s list of Best Genealogy Blogs of 2015 might not be one that you are familiar with. Ancestry Insider is a genealogy blog that focuses on and It is not an official blog, and also is not an official blog.

Instead, Ancestry Insider describes itself this way: “The unofficial, unauthorized view of and The Ancestry Insider reports on, defends, and constructively criticizes these two websites and associated topics. The author attempts to fairly and evenly support both.”

That style of blog also exists outside of genealogy. There are some popular, but unofficial, blogs that focus on products made by Apple, on the sales and discounts at Target, or on the new changes that will be coming soon to a particular gaming company’s video games. In general, these type of blogs give readers a knowledgable insight into whatever the topic happens to be.

Another “blog” that made the list might surprise you. Family Tree Magazine selected YouTube. That might sound strange, until you realize that video bloggers – or vloggers – are essentially turning a blog post into video. The presentation is different, but the content it delivers is the same.

There are plenty of genealogy resources on YouTube. Start by searching for videos that were created, and posted, by your favorite genealogy website. You can also find videos that are talks and presentations from past genealogy conferences.

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