Between 1880 and 1900 Federal Censuses

Only a few states took part in 1885 in the semi-decennial census suggested by the Federal government in 1879. It was for most states and territories to do their own state census, but unfortunately … they did not. They would not realize how important the 1885 state census would be in the future. With the fire nearly destroying the 1890 Federal Census and leaving such a gap between 1880 and 1900, the small number of state 1885 censuses are priceless.  

The states who completed the 1885 state census were Florida, Colorado, Minnesota and Nebraska. True not the big populated states for 1885 but very valuable for anyone in the future decades who had relatives in those states.  Minnesota also did a state 1895 census.

There is also a territory census of 1885 for New Mexico and Dakota … also very valuable. All but Dakota are available free online with For the Dakota Territory there is the Library of North Dakota site

Florida site has 8,468 images; Colorado has 3,250 images; Nebraska has 27,732 images, Minnesota has 15,756 images and New Mexico territory has 795 images. Any of these would be good to check especially if you can’t locate a specific ancestor, they may have gone to one of these more rural, out of the way southern, mid-western or western state / territory. 

Photos: Iron Springs Hotel at Manitou Springs Colorado in 1885; St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida in 1885; 1885 census in Florida for George Kershaw from S.C.; Santa Fe railroad in New Mexico in 1885; and Nebraska farm in 1885.

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