Biographies and Postcards from Hometown States

bios - Chelsea-Massachusetts-Fire-April-12-1908The Genealogy Hound online site as a collection of biographies from ten different states. overall there are 27,000 online biographies of people from Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Tennessee between the 1870s to 1920s. If you have any ancestors from those states during those years you will want to search their site. Biographies from other states will be added in the future.

On the homepage to the far right are the search buttons for placing keyword such as a state and county name or by searching just a surname. One of the sites newest addition is a collection of scanned postcard images of towns.

bios-Mount VernonTo check about any family biographies, go to the family surname link. There will be letters representing the beginning spelling for surnames that have biographies, such a John Jones, go to ‘J’. Keep in mind other surnames might be used in a biography but is not the key name. So in that case, use the ‘Search Website’ link and place another surname to see if it was used in any biography.

In the family surname link using the ‘G’ letter and looking for the name ‘Groff’ there were four biographies available. Placing Groff then in the Search website there was 13 entries. Each biography varied in length but most were quite lengthy with many dates, names and details. Now this is just a starting point, you still need to review and verify all the information. Each biography does provide its sources.

bios-church york, paThe postcard collection has quite a variety of images. It is divided into topics such as gravestones of the famous, Civil War images, vintage postcards from several different states, churches, Ellis Island, vintage advertisements and many others. There is a full description on each postcard plus a large enlarged view.

Do check out if there are any biographies with some of your family surnames.

Photos: Postcard of Cherry St. after the 1908 fire in Chelsea, Mass.; postcard of Mount Vernon; and postcard of the Heidelberg Reformed Church in York, PA.

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