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surnamesMy Genealogy Hound‘ website is a search engine for biographies that individuals or families have published on their ancestors. As you do your research, you might not be aware that any previously written biographies ever existed on certain family branches.

Use the general search box below placing a key word or name. Better yet go to the link of searching surnames. The key surname used would be the main family name used in the biography but there could be mention of another individual that you are searching in the body of the biography – that would not show in the search results. In those case it is best to do a general search on the site. However, do start with the main surnames on your family tree.

When you click on a letter that begins with the surname you are searching, an alphabetical list will appears of those names. Even if you don’t see the exact spelling as you know it do check similar or various spellings. Once a name is located of interest click on its link for further details, including ones listed with other sources. With each name a location (possible hometown) will appear. If it is a place you don’t associate with the surname, don’t dismiss it, read the biography, there could be other clues to tie it all together.

Many of the biographies come from county genealogical books, especially in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana and other mid-west states. Besides details of the individual, a good deal also have about their spouse, children as well as their parents and siblings.

Another search method is by states and counties. Not all locations or surnames are completed but the web site is being added to. It is a good resource to check out just to see if there is anything available for you now.


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