Birth Order

Science has shown there is some evidence that the birth order (when a child is born within the family) as to the type of personality that child might have later in life. Not 100% in every case but it has shown types of personalities based on when a person was born.

The placement shows some of these traits.

FIRST BORN – they tend to be a leader, can be bossy, very cautious, a perfectionist, and very reliable person.

MIDDLE BORN – they are more independent, a peacemaker in the family, could be rebellious, and very social person.

LAST BORN – the ‘baby’ of the family is outgoing, seeks attention, self-centered, fun loving, and charming.

AN ONLY CHILD – this person is a perfectionist, seeks approval from others, is sensitive, conscientious, and seeks approval.

Other studies have shown that older children tended to a higher IQ than the younger children. Truly there are many families you know or even your own where that was not the case.

Also having siblings no matter what the birth order does help in development of social skills. Even only children can still do well with friends / playmates in a neighborhood and school.

Think back on your own childhood and maybe those of your parents. If there were several children in the family or very few could make a difference. One good reason to learn about all the branches on your family tree – your uncles, aunts, great uncles and great aunts – those siblings to your parents and grandparents. Examine their birth order.

Keep in mind if the births were spread out, say 6 or more years between children, those children will be more like an ONLY CHILD.

So knowing all your direct lineages’ siblings and their birth dates can be important.

Photo: Family with 11 children- early 1900s.

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