Bombs Dropped on London

It may be hard to imagine such an event happening, but the city of London did face the German Blitz (also called London Blitz) for over a year, with bombs dropped from German planes all across the city. There is now a map developed for viewing online of the sights of where bombs were dropped on the city. Known as ‘Bomb Sight’, it maps out and pinpoints each bomb.

You will be amazing at the concentration of red dots (each a bomb dropped) all over the city map. Now this is over a period from Sept. 7, 1940 to June 6, 1941, that the largest of the blitz occurred, not all at once. There were other periods of German bombs dropped, but this time period was the heaviest. It was a daily routine to hear the whistle warning of incoming planes and the London citizens stopping what they were doing to seek shelter. The safest places were down in the underground subway.

The nation of Germany had hoped by putting on this massive bomb raid continuously, the nation of Britain would surrender. That never happened.

Besides viewing the locations of the bombing, there are many stories and some interesting photos from those lived through that times of what life was like, never knowing what each day could bring. This is which the section titled “Exploring London”.

You may have an ancestors in London (including Americans) who experienced this horrible situation in 1940 and 1941. Not only were homes destroyed but many factories and businesses. An individual may have worked at a certain location for years and the next day the shop or business was destroyed overnight and the person no longer had a job.

Sections shown are not just the city proper, but also most of the outlaying sections around the city. Names and maps are outlined very well under the section titled ‘Index of Areas’. Street names are all marked and you can also search by a certain street name.

This is an unusual and fascinating database to explore.

Photo: Fore Street in London after a bombing attack on Jan. 3, 1941.

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