Book about Stuart, FL and Vintage Photos

Stuart-young couple for drive-1917Family photos are such a treasure for the relatives to share. However, there are others in a hometown that would love to look over vintage photos of citizens, places and events where their ancestors also lived.

For a year, I went to the descendants of pioneer families in Stuart, Florida (just north of West Palm Beach) to gather and scan their collections of photos (including postcards), many of which had been tucked away in albums and closets for decades. With hundreds of images to select from I got them researched, labeled and assembled them in a chronological order based on decades.

Several of the photos were common scenes of places in Stuart especially during its early years of the 1910s and 1920s. It was amazing to view while going through the collection of photos, there were many that few people had ever seen before. Each photo or image on a postcard told a piece of Stuart’s history. What was interesting was to view the same locations in town and how they had or had not changed over the decades. Added also were photos I took of some vintage artifacts from Stuart’s history.  Stuart-St Lucie River

All this information and images were arranged and submitted to Arcadia Publishing out of S. C. for their series ‘Images of America’ (a 25-year-old series showcasing small, medium-sized and large towns and cities across the United States). The final print of the book on Stuart, covering from 1890s to early 1950s was released Monday, September 26, 2016 with the book signing party held at the historic 1901 Stuart Heritage Museum.

Stuart-Flagler Ave --SHMNow not only local residents and visitors but families (living elsewhere) who had ancestors from Stuart can have documented in print and photos the places, events and people for this town along Florida’s east coast. The town has affectionately been known for over 110 years as ‘Stuart-on-the St. Lucie’.

Stuart Book Cover--Front-JPEGSo if you had tried to search for vintage images of your ancestors’ hometowns, this is one place to look. Search also using county and state names where your ancestors lived. Arcadia Publishing’s online site allows you to search to see what towns and locations are already part of ‘Images of America’ series.

Photos: Young couple out for a drive July 1917; Stuart along the St. Lucie River and the fishing docks in the 1910s; Downtown Stuart main street about 1950 and the front cover of the book.

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< Return To Blog Hello, Ms. Luckhardt. My name is Sheila Parcell and I met you at the Stuart Museum today and purchased the Images of American Book on Stuart. I noticed several photos were donated or courtesy of Garnett Rushing Early and Stephen Dutcher; Thurlow Collection. Page 49. I would love to get in touch with Sandra and Tom Thurlow. Garnett was my great aunt and I really know nothing about her family. Thank you for all of your wonderful hard work and dedication. Sheila
Sheila Parcell 25/09/16

Sheila - I sent to your email address the items you requested. Hopefully you got them. Let me know. ~~ Alice
alice 25/09/16

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