British Images - 1 Million in Digital Form

British-book illustationThe massive collection from the British Library covers all types of topics, not just those directly relating to the United Kingdom. They are on Flickr-Photostream and range from illustrations, pages of books (such as vintage Bibles), pamphlets, drawings, photos, booklets, and many others. There are over 1,023,000 such images all in digital format. They free to download and use as you wish.

British-book coverYou can scan down the British collection of thumbnail size images or use the top right search box. Once you find one of interest you can place your cursor mouse arrow over it to reveal information. Or click on it to enlarge it and scroll down to see more information. You can move to page after page (listed at bottom) for this special items.

If you wish to save to your computer, you can download the image using the ‘down’ arrow icon at the lower right corner. Since most of this material is very old there are no restrictions on copyrights.

Give yourself plenty of time or save the site to your Bookmarks. It will take a long time to go through over a million images, all scanned and made digital. British-Scotland

Photos: Drawing from 1884 on page 221 of ‘Queen Mab. A novel’; Front of 1856 book on page 435 of ‘The Popular History of England’; and map of Scotland in 1822.

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