British Officer Military Records

If you had any ancestors from the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) during the period of 1763 and 1932 who served as an officer, then check the site titled ‘UK, Officers Service Records 1763-1932‘. You will need a subscription to search the site but many times during the year there are free weeks offered, giving you a chance to check out this database. You can still use the database just to see if there are names you are looking for. No dates, ranks or other information will be vision until you have a free trial or a subscription.

This collection represents U.K. officers who held positions of command and authority within the military and are often in a different uniform compared to other ranks of servicemen. Officer ranks include all commissioned positions from Lance Corporal up to General and Field Marshal.

This database has not only names, ranks, hometowns, languages they spoke, years of service but information about their family. Names and birth years for the children and wife name and if she died during his service.

An interesting method is to place a family surname and a county or region your British ancestors were from and see what comes up. There might an ancestor unknown to you.

Photos: Two Parts–each one: Born 1860–Frederick Kershaw (a LT, and a Captain) 1884-1892, spoke French and German; and Born 1830 in N. Ireland—Major John Briggs served 1846-1879, served in India and China.

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