Brothers' Day Aug 24th

Brothers can have a tight bond together, just like sisters can. The brothers growing up in the same household, doing similar activities and sports, usually will carry that closest into adulthood. It is usually a brother who will be the best man at a brother’s wedding or the godfather for a child. The brother can be that guy to hang out with, tell stories / jokes to that only sometimes a brother will understand and appreciated.

So review your family tree and see where there were one or two or more brothers in the same household. That includes half-brothers, who can be also very close to each other. See if they tended to all lived in the same town or county over the years. If so they would have kept in close touch, shared events together.

Checking out your father’s brothers (your uncles) might provide some documents, photos or records you did not have before for the family history. That also applies for your grandfather’s brother — your great uncles. Never miss an opportunity to see what is out there.

Many brothers have even become famous because of shared talents and interests. There are the Bee Gees (the Gibb Brothers – singers), the Wright Brothers (aviation), Kennedy Brothers (politicians), Marx Brothers (comics-actors), Booth Brothers (stage actors), Jonases Brothers (singers), Bridges Brothers (actors), the Baldwin Brothers (entertainers), Affleck Brothers (actors), and the Five Sullivan Brothers (all killed on their Navy battleship during WW Two).  

See if there were any common or shared occupations, hobbies or talents among the brothers on your family tree.

Photos: Young and old brothers and the five Sullivan Brothers.

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