Burial Ground for Earliest Pilgrims

If you have located any ancestors who were part of the original Pilgrims who settled that early colony in Massachusetts in 1620-1621, you may not have been aware of the oldest United States maintained cemetery which has been the final resting spot for many Pilgrims. Its name is ‘Miles Standish Burial Ground‘ located in Duxbury, Mass.

It is small, only 1 1/2 acres in size with approximately 130 graves. It began in 1638 after a settlement of Duxbury was started in 1627 of some of the Plymouth residents. Burials took place between 1638 to 1789 and then it was abandoned due to other cemeteries developed, such as the Mayflower Cemetery.

Many of the early grave markers were of wood and have deteriorated. The oldest original craved gravestone (1697) is that of Capt. Jonathan Alden, the youngest child of John and Priscilla Alden. There are about 34 gravestones with dates earlier than 1750. John Alden, who died in 1687, and Priscilla Mullins Alden, who died around 1680 were buried in this oldest cemetery and new markers have been added.

Interest in this vintage burial location developed in 1887 and also in locating the grave of Myles Standish, one of the Plymouth colony’s famous individuals. That site was located and a special memorial was built there. The Town of Duxbury owns and maintains the burial ground.

To see if you have any ancestors buried at the Miles Standish Burial Ground see what is marked with ‘Find a Grave‘ for this location.

Photos: Miles Standish Burial Grounds; John and Priscilla Alden’s graves, and Miles Standish marker.

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