California Birth Indexes 1905-1995

ca births Having online databases has made some aspect of family history research much easier. It is still good to have the actual copy of vital records by requesting from the state or county for a birth, marriage or death records. The California Birth Index has made it easy for a research to even know if a birth record exists for a relative.

The California birth indexes cover from 1905 to 1995, some ninety years of records. Birth records were not standard prior to 1905, some were available at county levels or with church records so can be found at those sources. These birth indexes cover all of California, all counties.

Use the search box at the top right. You can also search on a ‘letter’ especially if you not sure of a surname exact spelling. Here you will find list and lists of various spellings for surnames. Always try different spellings, even if the family didn’t use a variation in their name, the record clerk just might have gotten the name wrong.

In the search box if you just place a surname, all the available given names will be listed. The middle name will not be visible, instead click on a given name and all those that match, including those with different middle names will appear. The birth date and place will be given along with the person’s birth mother’s name. Those should be enough clues to know if you have the right person.

Using only a given name is too difficult, too many with that name. Of course if the first name is very unusual, you could try a search that way.

Now if a child was adopted it will be harder to find a listing, especially if the baby’s name was changed.

Any 20th century relatives born in California, this is where to check.

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