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Need some ideas of simple but very useful things to add to your family history research, well here are a few suggestions.

Recheck your ‘To-Do List’, add or subtract what you have written. You can have a a list for short activities plus a list for long-term projects.

Continue to sort your collection of family photos / negatives or slides. Any you can label as you go through them, do so.

Scanning photos and family documents is very important and spending a little time to add to the scanned collection is very important.

Looking up a census record on a specific ancestor. You do want to have all the census information (federal and state censuses) on each ancestor. Doing extended families is helpful also.

Newspaper articles and especially advertisements of a family business have always been an excellent resource but do take time. Having a database online where you can spend 15 to 30 minutes seeing what articles at a certain location and time frame can be so beneficial.

Vintage Newspaper Template – 12+ Free Psd, Eps Documents Download regarding Vintage Newspaper Articles – World of Label

Besides scanning a document, some would be good to transcribe, digitally done. That includes letters, journals, and diaries. Any interesting newspaper articles found about an ancestor are also good to transcribe.

So just a few ideas that ‘You Can Do’.

Photos: Check-off list, scan photos, newspaper articles and transcribe a document.

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