Can You Merge a Genealogy Society with a Historical Board?

Can You Merge a Genealogy Society with a Historical Board? It is possible, and it has been done. How people choose to merge the two depends on organization, communication, and the specific circumstances surrounding the merger.

The Tama County Historical Society & Genealogical Library was created when the Tama County Historical Society merged with the Tama County Tracers Genealogical Society. There is one Board of Directors. Members hold meetings on Wednesdays. They hold programs on both historical and genealogical topics.

The Meramec Valley Genealogical and Historical Society (MVGHS) and the Meramec Valley History Museum merged after nine years of working together. Both were official committees of the city, which maintained the funds for each group. After the merger, the funds and history collections of the two organizations were combined.

The MVGHS will remain the core organization with Patricia Sewell as its president. The goal of the joint organization is to secure a permanent stand-alone building for the materials of both groups to be made to the public.

The Columbia County Historical Society was established in 1914. The Central Susquehanna Valley Genealogical Society started in 1976. The two groups felt that they shared common interests. They merged in 1999 to form the Columbia County Historical & Genealogical Society (CCHGS). The organization has been recognized as the official historical society of the county.

The Dakota County Genealogical Society (DCGS) became part of the Dakota County Historical Society (DCHS) in 2017 (with full integration of services and operations by January of 2018). The two organizations had worked together for 30 years. The genealogical society became a specialized working committee at the historical society, offering the opportunity to cosponsor events and share resources.

In short, the way to merge a genealogical society with a historical board is to recognize that the two groups have common interests and goals. It depends on a willingness from both groups to merge together.

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