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CARIBBEAN AND WEST INDIES More blogs found at #genealogy #familytree The Caribbean Islands, also known as the West Indies, are just to the southeast of Florida and the United States. Many people have an ancestral connection with islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, etc. The history of these islands having been under Spanish, Dutch, and English (and other nations) governmental control is rich in its heritage.

To learn more on the numerous resources available, the online site of Cyndi’s List has compiled two pages of online links for the researcher of the West Indies.

Some of the interesting links (click on) include:

Trinidad and Tobago Family History

Cuban Ancestry

Jamaican Genealogy

Caribbean-cuba-sugarTo begin, have written down some of the surnames of family branches of the Caribbean. Using the online site, Carsurdex, will be an index of available surnames from the region.

You must also examine what is available on There is a section especially on Births and Baptisms in the Caribbean.

Another good resource is the online ‘Caribbean Family History‘. Here are many additional links to aid in your research.

Many individuals might be surprised they have ancestral ties to the Caribbean Islands. It is worth investigating.  Caribbean-1

Photos: Map of Caribbean, Sugar Plantation in Cuba in 1890s and early life on Caribbean Islands.

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