Carnival Glass Heirlooms

You just might have some pieces of ‘carnival glass’ heirlooms but did not know their history. So carnival glass dates back to 1907 started by Fenton Art Glass Co. and production was big until about 1925. Other companies also produced carnival glass items around the globe.

Prior to carnival glass, your ancestors main type of glass pieces, especially with a lovely iridescent glow, were rather expensive. Most households could not afford such pieces.

Then Fenton combined metallic salts chemicals and applied them to moulded or pressed glass before it was fired which brought out the iridescent properties of the salts, to create a metallic sheen associated with carnival glass. The price was very inexpensive and affordable to consumers. The name ‘carnival glass’ came from these pieces were prizes people could win at games held at local carnivals.

There are many varieties produced from bowls, plates, vases, pitchers, tumblers, candy dishes, jars, and a basket shape. Plus a variety of colors that is the base color.

Carnival glass came back in style for households in the late 1960s to 1970s to 2000, but it is those early pieces from 1907 to 1925 that are the most valuable today. One method to see if you have a vintage piece, look on the bottom base it does not have the iridescent appearance as on the sides of the item. If the bottom is iridescent, then it was made more recently.

So see what you or other family members have, photograph them and document who had them in the family.

Photos: Carnival glass display bowl; a pitcher and glasses; a small bowl and two vases.

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