Celebrate American Family Day

The American Family dates back to the Native American Indians that once covered the North American continent.  In 1620 the ship, Mayflower, brought families to settle in a strange wild new land at Plymouth Rock along the Atlantic coast.  There would continue for hundreds of years that same tradition of having whole families start fresh in a new land, called America.

It is the first Sunday every August that one should reflect on the importance of the American family and what this group of individuals means to you.  The ways to call attention to others in the family, especially children, is to provide examples of how families come to together.

First the family is in attendance for birthday celebrations, for religious holidays, like Christmas; family weddings, graduations, parties, vacations, etc.  Such important occasions do include friends, but it families members who are always included first.

On this American Family Day it would be an appropriate time to bring out the family collection of photos. Share with other family members memories of the circumstances of when the image was taken. An important activity is to take the time to label those precious photos for later generations.  Also never label by just naming someone “Aunt Hattie” when her full real name was ‘Harriet Mae Jones (maiden name Bradford). Include any approximate date and location.  That time spent is extremely invaluable to you as a family history researcher and to later descendants.

One aspect many family members enjoy is learning more about the original ethnic heritage of their American family. Start with the family surname using the database with FamilyTree.com to learn more about its origins.  Branch out to include the mother’s maiden family name, the grandmother’s family name, etc. Just going back to all your great great grandparents can give you some eight different surnames.

Since America is a nation of countless ethnic and cultural groups blended together, also take time to learn more on that cultural heritage.  See the FamilyTree.com site on ‘Culture’ for information on such ethnic cultures as Baltic, Chinese, German, Mexican or Polish, just to name a few. See where some of these original homelands are located on a map. It can provide a new sense of appreciation to family members of the sacrifices our ancestors made to give up their native homeland and begin in a new land, the United States.

Commemorate and honor the American Family on this day.

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