Census 1891 for Norway

Norway-1891Any ancestors from Norway and especially if any relatives lived in Norway in 1891 — you are in luck. The official census for Norway in 1891 is now available online with the National Archives of Norway. With over 2.5 million entries, covering 559 towns, villages and cities, it is a very complete digital collection.

There are two different ways to search – either by a person’s name or by a location. This census has a scanned sheet on each person plus a scanned sheet on the household in their home.

Norway-1891-BorgeIn the top search box, click on the button to search for individuals or by location. For the surname ‘Borge’ there were over 62,500 entries, so you will need to narrow a search.

A person’s full name is given, date of birth, place of birth (town), and their occupation. Added to the online data are many parish church records covering any marriages or those who died later than 1891 so the burial date is listed.

Norway-1891 census pageAlso available is the scanned original pages (in Norwegian) from the book of the census records. It is harder to read, but can be saved to your computer. The transcribed material will be a great assistance.

Photos: 1891 Census on Ole K. Borge born 1817, example of 1891 census page.

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