Changing - Items Fading into History

2015-Floppy-DiscNot just the many everyday items used by our parents or grandparents (60 to 100 years ago), but even for anyone over the ages of 45-50, many of our daily household items are disappearing. Not until you take the time to stop and recall what was common place and now no longer used, do you better understand the same situation faced by your ancestors. True, innovation does seem to move faster now-a-days, but it did change for your relatives also. If your grandparents were born about 1930, there was no television, there was barely radio then.

So put together here to refresh your memory are some daily items rarely found or used in 2015. At the holiday time, start a conversation with family members to see if additional items can be recalled and the dates those items were mostly used. That can spark a fun and lively family get-together.

No special order or time frame, just a list:

paper checks

TV antennas on rooftops

2015-overheadoverhead transparencies and projector


video rental stores

2015-phone boothphone booths

drive-in movie theaters

handwritten letters

record stores

landline telephones plugged to the wall

floppy discs

35 mm slides

milkmen to the house

rotary dial phone


S&H green stamps

set of encyclopedias books

slide rulers

bank book

shoe polish kit

pant stretchers

spinner knobs for auto steering wheels

pay phones

classroom blackboard using chalk

2015-pen-inkfountain ink pen and ink well

transistor radios

stamped check-out library cards

cigarette ads on TV

2015-moodmood ring

camera flashbulbs

yellow correcting tape used with a typewriter

Photos: floppy disc, overhead projector, phone booth, clothesline, and pen and ink well and mood ring.

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