Chart to Figure Birth Years

The early United States Censuses (1790-1840) did not place a person’s age, rather an age range. So it can be difficult to ficensus-familygure approximately year when a person was born.

The Colonial Roots online site has done up a chart to assist you to figure those birth years. It breaks down what age range each census had. The one with the least was the first one in 1790. It has those over the age of 16 and those under the age of 16. True, quite a spread.  census-school-1800

Later censuses improved each decade to include a smaller range. By 1840 there are thirteen ranges, ten years apart and then the chart show what years those cover.

census-farmerUse each census you locate an individual within an age range to see the progression. By comparing, you could hopefully narrow down  birth years within just a few years (3 to 4 years).census-lady-1820

The chart would be good to print and keep a copy handy.

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