Chicago Tribune Online 1847-1991

Chicago-city-1900The Chicago area with a long history, if you had any relatives in or around this city by Lake Michigan, you have to investigate what may have written about the person, a business, a neighborhood or just the times in Chicago. Besides news articles there are photos, comics, obituaries, classified and display advertising.

The Chicago Tribune has placed these papers in beta format online for free. After more issued are included, they switch to Version 1.0 and there will be a fee for their digitalPLUS membership. So don’t waste a moment to start searching these papers.

It covers from 1847 to 1991, but is not 100% complete yet. With the search box at the top, place a surname, a specific location, street, business or event. You will get a listing and brief summary of each available match. A date of the article or photo or advertisement is also shown.

chicago-atwood ad

The select you are searching will be highlighted as well as any other section or column to move the computer mouse over. A ‘Plus – Minus’ sign in the lower right helps the viewing of a page. You can scroll down to view several pages.

Find an article or illustration of interest it can be made a ‘screen print’ to be saved to your computer. It can also be share on an email with a relative or friend.

Besides any family research, it is great to read of local, state or national historical events as written by the Chicago Tribune during those times.

chicago-wedding-1919Photos: Chicago scene in 1900, Advertisement for a business owned by F. M. Atwood in 1892 and a wedding photo from 1919.

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