Childhood Candies of the 1950s

The youngsters of the 1950s were part of the bigger consumer age with all types of new toys, games and special sweet treats. One activity children liked to do was save their pennies to get some candy at the corner store. Here are a few samples of the treats from the 1950s. Ask any relatives from that era and see how many they recall.

Sugar Bubble was bubble gum in different favors. It was the type that giant bubbles could be blown – very impressive.

A very popular candy was Candy Cigarettes. Yes, candy in the shape of a cigarette coming in different favors. Luckily you didn’t smoke them.

A jelly candy was Chuckles, which were lightly coated with sugar. The favors varied from licorice, to fruits such as orange and cherry.

Keeping with the birth of the space age was Satellite Wafers. They were shaped like flying saucers. Inside each were candy beads.

Bit-O-Honey was a honey-favored taffy, chewy item you then swallowed.

A caramel treat was known as Caramel Creams, Chewies or Bulls Eyes. The candy was caramel covering a rich creamy center.

If one loved licorice there was Black Jack Taffy. They were also called Black Jacks. The licorice was in the center.

Now most of these treats from the 1950s can’t be found in stores today.

Photo: Candy Cigarettes.

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