Christmas Ceramic Trees

This will bring back memories – Ceramic Lighted Christmas Trees. Back to the late 60s or early 70s, you probably remember a ceramic Christmas tree with twinkling lights sitting on your mantle, top of the TV, dining table, or tabletop. Some of those trees even played music. These mass-produced objects were flooding homes, so the desire to have something a little more unique and different arose. The styles increased and some people even made their own ceramic trees.

There were made several different sizes and usually green but also in white, all with built-in tiny lights. Back in the 1960s, technology improved in producing clay and mods that could hold correct shapes and create larger sizes, ceramic trees became more and more popular projects in ceramic shops around the USA well into the 1980s. Some were glazed, some finished in acrylic paint, some with snow and many without.

Those who still like to display a ceramic tree actually have several of them in different sizes and colors to do a nice tree display.

Photo: A white ceramic lighted tree.

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