Christmas Day Photos

xmas-pic-treeNo matter the ages of those in the household celebrating Christmas this year, take the time to take photos. Don’t worry about posing everyone just perfect, instead, have photos of having FUN. It can be while opening gifts, cleaning up the wrapping on the floor, the playing with a special gift received, finishing preparing the Christmas meal and of course, everyone around the table for the dinner.

xmas-pic-flickerAs you have done your family history, you have hoped to locate a photo of your ancestors during Christmas. You are lucky if one or two were located. This year, if you haven’t already, start the custom of taking many digital photos and then sharing with friends and family members not present at the house Christmas Day. This way you have the photos and they are shared with other family branches.

If you do have a couple older Christmas time photos of your family, say when you were a child, how about recreating the image? If there is one of you opening a gift and you are sitting on the floor, recreate the moment with you opening a gift today on the floor.

xmas-pic-family-2008Building a snowman is always popular, take photos during the holiday season of that. Playing with the new gifts, have photos taken, even of the adults with their ‘gifts’ which will be funny to look at years down the road.

Another idea is a photo of everyone in the household dressed in a Christmas outfit, say all with a Christmas tree design on the front or everyone wearing a red outfit. After Christmas, as you are taking down the tree take photos of the family’s favorite ornaments, especially those that have hung on the family tree for years.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create memories with

photos.  xmas-pic-flea-market-dealer-92

Photos: A red shirt with a Christmas Tree design, family dog dressed for Christmas, family and dogs by the tree and a favorite ornament.

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