Christmas Letters and Cards

It seems like everything in 2019 is digital, which is good for some things preserved, but there are some handwritten cards and Christmas letters still sent. There is a fear by genealogists and historians that there will be fewer written sources to preserve from the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries than in previous eras. The preservation of holiday newsletters, a unique source that originated and flourished during the early to late 20th century, would make future genealogists very happy. Imagine a future descendant getting to read a handwritten or even typed newsletter from their grandmother or great grandfather – what a treat.

Remember Christmas cards may have notes filled with information, scan those also. You might want to place each year’s collection in a notebook, acid-free sheets that you can add to each year.

So it means now those annual Christmas letters need to be saved. The original paper is best but if not a good choice for you, then for such items, scan the entire newsletter, date it and label who wrote it. As you do a collection, if you have several you have already saved, share those scanned ones with family members so more than one copy is out there.

An idea, if you did not save a copy of your own Christmas newsletter is to ask those relatives you always send such a letter, if they saved the past years. If they can, a copy can be sent to you of your letters you sent.

These can be very special because many times it is a year’s worth of news; vacations taken, illnesses, special awards, etc that happened. So the Christmas letters and cards are very exceptional.

As you go through past letters, sent to those who sent their year’s events, a copy of what they mailed you in case they did not keep a copy. This applies to relatives and friends. Now that is the spirit of Christmas.

Start now between Christmas and New Years.

Photos: Collection of Christmas Newsletters to save.

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