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Many of you now have a very different lifestyle, ‘stay at home’. Some now have their regular work office, not miles away but rather in their own home and maybe permanently. There are our high school and college students taking online classes but still at home. So the ‘Citizen Archivist‘ of the National Archives can be a wonderful way to give back to our nation.

The National Archives has and continues to collect countless letters, journals, records and documents from all aspects of the American culture and history and over various decades. By transcribing and indexing these collections of the National Archives and using the Internet, those records are not available to everyone and anywhere. However, they need volunteers to get the massive collections made digital.

By adding to the number of volunteers across the nation in their own homes, the number of records indexed and transcribed has increased in the last month from 300 volunteers doing 6,000 pages to 600 volunteers completing nearly 20,000 pages a week. That is amazing!

Of special help would be any volunteers with specialized knowledge such as experts on historical eras (like the roaring 1920s), weapons, planes, tools, or cursive writing, to name a few. However, volunteers who just want to help index and transcribe are very needed.

Use this link for the Citizen Archivist Program to register and begin the labeling, tagging and transcribing of records. Even if you can only work a few hours a week, for a couple of weeks, what a contribution that would make to produce digital records for everyone and housed at the National Archives. Remember all the ‘heroes’ on the front lines during this virus-19 crisis, here is a way to make a permanent contribution for fellow family researchers and historians.

I Want YOU to be a Citizen Archivist !

Here is an additional link to help as a Citizen Archivist. Plus examples of some of the records and Q&A.

Photos: Be a Citizen Archivist; a volunteer; and Uncle Sam Wants You!

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Bryant Braker 9/05/20

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