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Many Americans (men and women) were stationed in the city of London during World War I and II and got to know about its people and the city. Still other individuals have ancestors who were born and raised in London or lived there during part of their life. It is just one of those major cities of the world with a very strong connection to the United States – culturally, politically, social and through families.

On the site City of London, there is a wide array of information about the city, both past and present. The site was developed by the London Metropolitan Archives with an opening series of images ranging from Carnaby Street of the 1960s to a map of the areas bombed during World War II, to some of the earliest known written documents of England.

The free to view archive collection comes from books, documents, images, photos, illustrations and films relating to the city of London, England. Click on the selection to the left on the home page titled ‘Collections’. As you scroll down you see links to topics such as buildings, education, the poorhouses, social activities, homes & estates, businesses, church-parish records, court records, as well as migration of people.

There are numerous links to connect a researcher to the vast holdings of the United Kingdom’s National Archives. Also if you will be visiting London in the near future there is provided a listing of activities, places and events you might want to attend.

Photo: 1861 the building of the London Railway System at Baker St.

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